Hope On The River RaftX Talk

Erich Mische’s epic raft journey down the Mississippi River is more than a fundraising event for Spare Key.

It is literally a journey to find, and bring, Hope On The River.

Realizing that COVID-19’s impact on the national economy is threatening Spare Key’s financial future, Mische made the decision to embark on a two-month, 1,700-mile, 10 state raft trip down America’s greatest river.

Aboard his raft the “S.S. Hail Mary”, Mische is on a mission to raise funds for Spare Key to continue its important work, but he is also committed to sharing his own journey of failure and success and the power of taking bold risks no matter what the outcome.

Slowly drifting on the current of the Mississippi River, Mische’s powerful message will resonate in a time of great challenge, doubt, anxiety, fear, and frustration.

The Hope On The River RaftX Talk

Spare Key Executive Director Erich Mische will deliver to you and your company or organization a compelling message of hope and confidence in the future despite current world events. As he drifts along the Mississippi River, Mische will join, via phone or video, your company or organization meeting or conference and offer a message to boost morale, inspire confidence and a call to action for your Team to find hope on their own river of life.

Combining humor, blunt observation, a lifetime of experiences and a call to action to find Hope on the River, Mische will have your Team ready to take on the world.

The RaftX Talk: A 60 Minute River of Hope

  • Mische will call into your meeting from the “S.S. Hail Mary” via phone and/or zoom or other videoconferencing application
  • Mische will provide a 5-minute presentation about “Hope On The River” and what brought him to be on a raft on the Mississippi River for two months
  • Mische will provide a high energy, up tempo, humorous and compelling 10-minute presentation about taking bold risks in the Age of Covid.
  • Mische will take questions and comments from your organization for up to 40 minutes
  • Mische will end his presentation with a 5 minute “Call to Action”

Cost of The RaftX Talk:

Spare Key is asking for a minimum donation of $500.00 for The RaftX Talk to be made prior to the presentation.

To Schedule a RaftX Talk, please email Alexia Sebesta at: Alexia@sparekey.org