"We help families bounce and not break"

A Sweet Donation from Tank Goodness and Bell State Bank & Trust


How sweet is this? Cindy Erickson, owner of Tank Goodness, a company that makes and delivers delicious warm chocolate chip cookies, donated $500.00 to Spare Key! The donation is part of the Pay It Forward program from Bell State Bank & Trust.

Desiree’ Cremers, a Spare Key mom whose family received a mortgage grant in 2005, nominated Spare Key in memory of her son Gage. Desiree’ shared her family’s story and told how Spare Key helped them in their time of need.

Our sincere thanks to Desiree’ Cremers, Cindy Erickson of Tank Goodness, and everyone at Bell State Bank & Trust!

(For more information on Bell State Bank & Trust’s Pay It Forward program, visit their website: http://payitforward.bellbanks.com.)