"We help families bounce and not break"

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How did Spare Key help your family during a difficult time? We'd love to hear from you!

We are the Gustafson’s

Written by Sue Gustafson We are blessed with 4 wonderful children. The 2 youngest have cystic fibrosis. In September of 2013, both Zachary and Ella were

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The Taggart Family featured at the 2014 Spare Key Groove Gala

The 2014 Spare Key Groove Gala featured the story of the Taggart Family and the courage of their entire family. Thanks to the support of

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Spare Key our story

Spare Key recipients share their stories of how Spare Key made a profound difference in their lives.

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Spare Key 60 seconds

Spare key’s mission in 60 seconds flat.

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About Spare Key

The Spare Key origin story.

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Elizabeth’s story

Watch this video about Elizabeth, one of the many children who’s family was helped by Spare Key.

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Bounce and not Break

Watch this video about how Spare Key gave the most precious gift in the world time, more specifically time to be with your child as

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Charlie, Grace, and Julia’s Story

Note: This story was written by Spare Key mom Amy H. We felt that Amy’s account of her family’s experience was powerful, moving, and inspiring

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