"We help families bounce and not break"

Spare Key Family Chapters — Be a part of our statewide movement to connect Spare Key Families!

Since 1997, Spare Key has made mortgage payments to more than 1,500 Minnesota families.

That means that in over 320 Minnesota cities — spanning 75 counties — and totaling more than $1.6 million — we’ve helped a lot of families Bounce and not Break!

Now, we want to bring the message of Spare Key to other parts of Minnesota and we need the help of those 1,500 plus families who have been a part of the Spare Key family for over 15 years.

The goal of the chapter is not to raise money. The goal is to help raise awareness of Spare Key and to expand our network of voices supporting our mission throughout the State of Minnesota.

The primary objectives of the “Spare Key Family Chapter” will be to:

• Maintain ongoing contact with former and current Spare Key family recipients
• Keep contact information current, and to share important and exciting developments about Spare Key
• When opportunities arise to raise Spare Key’s profile, have several points of contacts that we can reach to help spread the word about Spare Key’s mission and purpose
• Organize annual gatherings of Spare Key families to learn how families are doing, and if there are other resources they may need
• Provide potential referrals to Spare Key about our program to other families, and social workers, health care providers and medical professionals
• Expand our network of individual relationships, and build networks of support throughout your community

Above all else, these chapters will be a great way of networking and finding support with other families who have been in similar situations

If you would like to learn more about how you can be a part of this exciting new initiative, email our Executive Director, Erich Mische, at erich@sparekey.org or call him at (952) 406-8872.