Puppa the Sailor

The Official Mascot of the SS Hail Mary

Puppa-na-Wuppana is the beagle with the “magical” nose and is always up for an adventure! You might recognize this lovable pup from the hilarious tales in “The Puppa-na-Wuppana Series” based on Cindy Koebele’s real-life beagle. From playing hide-and-seek with his best friend Keekers the cat to sniffing out new things to chew on, Puppa knows how to have a good time. He can also be found having fun around the TitleSmart offices if you look closely!

Now, Puppa is embarking on his biggest adventure yet: setting sail down the Mississippi River as the official mascot of the S.S. Hail Mary! On this 1,700 mile journey, Puppa The Sailor will be First Mate to Captain Erich Mische as he steers the raft through 10 states to help spread the word about Spare Key. Along with providing a morale boost for Captain Eric, Puppa The Sailor has an extra special mission to help bring awareness and support for Hearts for Elizabeth.

Hearts for Elizabeth is a special fund within Spare Key that is used to help families affected by breast cancer. This fund was named in honor of Elizabeth VanEyll, who passed away in March of 2020 after a battle with metastatic breast cancer. Half of the proceeds from Puppa The Sailor will go directly to the Hearts for Elizabeth fund to help other families going through their own battles.

Donate $25 to Get Your Own Puppa Stuffed Animal in the Mail

Just forward your donation receipt email to alexia@sparekey.org with your mailing address to receive your Puppa!