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Chronicles of Philanthropy: Why a Nonprofit Leader Embraces Virtual Currency

Opinion: Why a Nonprofit Leader Embraces Virtual Currency

The leader of a Twin Cities charity explains in a Star Tribune opinion piece why his organization has begun taking donations in Bitcoins and other forms of “crypto-currency.”

Erich Mische says the new currencies provide “a new platform for giving” and vehicle to raise awareness of his organization, Spare Key, which aids families with critically ill or injured children. The group started accepting Bitcoin gifts in January, and the following month it took other forms of crypto-currency for items purchased at its annual gala.

“I am not smart enough to know where the crypto-currency economy will end up in the weeks, months and years ahead. But I am old enough to know that I have been told too many times that things like cellphones, the Internet and reality shows would never catch on in my lifetime,” Mr. Mische says. “I’m on the side of crypto-currency being in a position to be a force for good for our future and for the families we serve.”